Application Cases

Application Cases

Upgrade of On-Site Security Checks

Case Study: Application of Handheld Devices in CBRNE Security Checks

At a large-scale event venue, such as sports competitions, political gatherings, or cultural celebrations, security personnel carry handheld devices for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) security checks.


Rapid Response: Handheld devices enable quick CBRNE security checks at different locations and times, achieving rapid response and improving security efficiency.

Versatility: Handheld devices typically feature multiple sensors capable of simultaneously detecting various CBRNE threats, including chemicals, biological agents, radiation levels, nuclear materials, and explosives.

Sensitivity: These devices have highly sensitive sensors capable of detecting trace amounts of hazardous substances, ensuring security personnel can promptly identify potential threats.

Portability: Due to their compact size and lightweight design, security personnel can easily carry handheld devices and conduct CBRNE security checks on-site, enhancing the flexibility and applicability of security checks.

Prevention of Panic: By using handheld devices for CBRNE security checks at event venues, security personnel can promptly eliminate or confirm potential threats, reducing false alarms and unnecessary panic, and maintaining safety and order at the scene.

Therefore, handheld devices play a crucial role in CBRNE security checks, serving as indispensable tools for ensuring the safety of large-scale events and preventing potential threats.

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