Adjustable Nuclear And Radiation Detector

RG500 is a highly sensitive radiation detector for the measuring of alpha, beta surface contamination and x-or gamma-ray dosage rates, as well as total accumulative dosages. RG500newtest complies with technical requirements for nuclear emergency response monitoring.

It can be used in various situations such as in the workplace, isotope production plants, laboratories, hospitals, workbench surfaces, nuclear material transportation vehicles and many more.

RG500newtest is also designed with an extendable handheld pole that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, which allows personnel to inspect and measure radiation from safer distances. The detector is also capable of both dosage rate measurements and surface contamination measurements.

Furthermore, the devices' built it GPS positioning module, allows for the easy pinpointing and communication of measurement locations, thereby providing useful information for emergency support teams.

Product Features

Ability to switch between single dosage rate and cumulative dosage rate

Built in vibration, sound and light alarm systems with customisable alarm thresholds

Built-in GPS module

Built-in memory card

Handheld pole extendable to 600mm

Probes rotatable without dead angle

Optional automatic shutdown

Mini-USB for data transfer

Specification Parameters



Detected Objects

α, β, X, γ radiation dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate


LCD screen

Alarm Method

Vibration, sound, light

Power Supply

Rechargeable lithium battery

Data Storage

Built-in memory card

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to +50℃


▪ Minimum contracted size: 195mm × 70mm × 40mm ▪ Maximum extended size: 600mm × 40mm × 40mm


≤ 800g

Application Cases

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