CBRN Vehicle

CBRNE detection vehicle

CBRNE-1 is a mobile reconnaissance, surveillance, and on-site emergency command system designed based on the concept of integrated air-ground operations. This system features integrated detection capabilities for air-ground networking, nuclear, biological, chemical, and conventional security threats. It provides a rapid and efficient on-site reconnaissance and emergency command solution for users in various industries, including public security, border defense, environmental protection, health control, and national security.

The vehicle system, centered around the HT-Vision system platform, interconnects all reconnaissance and detection modules within the system through the HT-Vision's platform network. This includes real-time data exchange with reconnaissance and detection instruments carried by unmanned aerial vehicles and ground mobile robots, significantly enhancing the efficiency of coordinated actions between on-site reconnaissance and rear command.

CBRNE-1 ensures early warning, early detection, early characterization, and timely and effective response to various traditional and non-traditional security threats. This greatly saves human and material resources consumed in on-site reconnaissance, monitoring, and emergency response.

Product Features

Supports on-site comprehensive monitoring, patrol, and command functions

Modular design for functional modules, each module can be selected and configured independently

Provides open interfaces for easy integration with emergency management or other departmental information systems

Supports cross-platform, cross-system operation, compatible with large screens, computer terminals, and mobile devices

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