Fluorescence Module

The EFM1000 is an advanced fluorescence module tailored for OEM and localization purposes. Utilizing cutting-edge fluorescence technology, this module can precisely detect and alert against various explosives variants, including military standards, civilian, and liquid explosives. Its high sensitivity detection, rapid analysis, and robust environmental adaptability make it an indispensable tool in safety applications. Compact in size, lightweight, and equipped with comprehensive hardware and software interfaces, the EFM1000 seamlessly integrates into various systems, providing unparalleled versatility and reliability.

Product Features

The EFM1000 is a fluorescence module designed for a wide range of explosive detection applications

It features high sensitivity detection, rapid analysis, strong environmental adaptability, and ease of maintenance

Compact and lightweight, with comprehensive hardware and software interfaces, it is easily integrated into various applications

Specification Parameters



Detection Limit


Response Time

≤10 seconds

Application Cases

Information Download

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