Trace Explosives Detector

EF1000 is a trace explosives detector, which can detect explosives in the pico-gram level (1x10-9). It utilizes our proprietary fluorescent small molecule technology.

EF1000 does not contain any radioactive sources and can detect around 40 kinds of explosives.

This device is convenient to carry, iand is rugged, durable, with high sensitivity and low false alarm rates.

Product Features

Rapid detection speed of less than 10 seconds

Small and portable 

No radioactive elements present

Operates well in different environments

Comprehensive communication modules

Short start-up time

Fast recovery time for next detection

Good standby time

Sound, light or wireless silent alarm options

Specification Parameters



Detection Mode

Swipe mode and vapor sampling mode

Alarm Mode

Sound, image and light

Wireless Alarm

Bluetooth headset


Lithium ion battery; AC power adapter

Battery Life



USB, WiFi, Bluetooth 4G (optional)

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +55℃


≤360mm x 85mm x 70mm



Application Cases

Information Download

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Introduction to Fluorescence Trace Detection Technology 1.0 pdf 348kb 2024-06-04 15:50:00

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