Vehicle CBRNE & X-ray inspection system

With the increasing severity of counter-terrorism and stability maintenance situations, there has been a rising occurrence of attempts to use passenger vehicles such as cars and vans as tools to conceal weapons, ammunition, explosives, drugs, radioactive hazardous materials, and toxic and harmful chemicals to enter sensitive areas and fortified units. This method is characterized by strong concealment, high inspection difficulty, and the challenge of examining a large flow of passenger vehicles manually, leading to poor accuracy and efficiency.

The VS200 system is specifically designed to address the previously mentioned challenges in the rapid inspection of nuclear, biological, and chemical prohibited items in passenger vehicles. The system is equipped with a low-energy X-ray machine, high-speed and high-resolution detector units, and a nuclear detection module. It performs top-down perspective scanning and nuclear detection on passing vehicles, capturing images of the vehicle chassis simultaneously. This allows for the identification of concealed radioactive hazardous materials, leaked toxic and harmful chemicals, as well as weapons, controlled tools, drugs, and other prohibited or smuggled items. The captured data is then transmitted to the terminal for centralized monitoring and control. 

The VS200 system effectively addresses the limitations of large-scale container/vehicle inspection systems, offering advantages such as a small footprint, rapid deployment, quick detection, clear imaging with low radiation intensity, among others.

Product Features

Vehicle x-ray scanning with integrated CBRNE detection and monitoring system

Comprehensive detection of prohibited Items

Rapid deployment and quick redeployment into another area

360-degree scanning without blind spots

Strong scalability

Specification Parameters



System Architecture

Vehicle inspection system and integrated CRBNE detection & monitoring module

Detection Range

Controlled prohibited items; nuclear radiation gamma rays; chemical agents; industrial toxic and hazardous substances


>30 vehicles/hour

Inspection Software

Displays vehicle scanning images, image zoom in/out, dual-energy display, and data storage

Capture System

Automatically performs license plate recognition on vehicles entering the inspection area

Operating Temperature

-30 to +50 degrees Celsius

Application Cases

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