Intelligent Contraband Detector

CR2500 is an integrated detector that can quickly and accurately detect chemical, radiological and explosive & flammable substances. This product can effectively assist security personnel in detecting and preventing passengers/individuals from bringing dangerous and prohibited items into crowded passenger stations/event areas, thereby lowering the risk of any incidents from happening .

The substances CR2500 can detect include: chemical warfare agents (CWA), drugs, explosive and flammable gases, liquids and solids, radioactive items.

CR2500 is also able to provide detailed information on the substances, such as toxicology, radiation level thresholds, substance applications, storage & disposal methods. The product is also capable of taking photos of the substances for evidence collection, automatically storing data collected, generating reports and sending data back to a control centre through wifi or Bluetooth technologies.

Product Features

Quick & accurate detection with low false positive rates

Strong radioactive substance detection ability

Easy to use

Can provide detailed information on the substances detected

Report generation and data transfer back to central control center

Encrypted data transfer

Specification Parameters



Operating Principle

Multi-sensor fusion technology

Detected Objects

Solids, liquids, powders, gases

Detection Range

Hazardous prohibited items such as radioactive materials, chemical agents, explosives, narcotics, and flammable and explosive materials, etc.

Power Supply

Built-in battery, can also be powered by 220V AC

Overall Dimensions

≤ 400mm × 280mm × 170mm



Application Cases

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