Chemical Substance Analyzer

CS810 chemical analyzer integrates a variety of optical innovative technologies, combined with cloud function software system, to provide fast, convenient and accurate analysis for various on-site application scenarios. It can analyze and identify unknown substances by using advanced molecular optical technology, including:

▪ Micro-area analysis of small substances (micron level)

▪ "See-thru" analysis of substances in non-metallic packaging

▪ Remote sensing analysis of substances from 5-10 meters away 

CS810 is also capable of various detection methods such as direct immersion in liquid such as corrosive solvent detection, light-proof detection, enhanced detection, explosion-proof detection, etc.

Connection to HT-Vision® system platform is possible, allowing for real-time wireless networking, real-time transmission of detection information to the server, automatic instrument inspection, fault diagnosis prompt, historical record query, automatic generation of detection reports, output spectral data and other functions.

Product Features

Powerful substance analysis capability

▪ Qualitative and quantitative analysis: analysis and identification of unknown substances

▪ Micro-area analysis: micro-matter (micron level) analysis capability

▪ Perspective "see-thruanalysis: direct detection of materials in non-metallic packaging

▪ Distance analysis: analysis of substances beyond 5-10 meters

Diverse detection methods

▪ Immersion test: direct immersion in liquid such as corrosive solvents

▪ Interference removal: remove ambient light interference 

▪ Enhancement: realize detection of low-concentration substances in strong interference background 

▪ Explosion-proof detection: reduce thermal effect and prevent ignition and detonation of the tested

Specification Parameters



Spectral Range

Please contact us

Spectral Resolution

Very high, please contact distributor or manufacturer for more information

Sampling Add-ons

Right angle, liquid bottle accessory, penetrating, microprobe, dark substance, immersion, SERS, remote, automatic recognition of accessories (customer choose the add-ons)

Evidence Collection

High pixel front and back camera

Communication Modules

WiFi, 4G, bluetooth

Cloud-based Services

Many and customisable

Operating Temperature

0 ℃ to +45 ℃


220×100 ×40 mm

Application Cases

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