Handheld Identification Device for Explosives, Narcotics,  Hazardous Chemicals

CR1600 is a handheld identification device tailored for different task forces.

CR1600 series has various models, each containing a database specially configured for the different task forces. Task forces include: The Public Security model is an ideal tool for security officers & police to detect hazardous substances and narcotics in the field. The Borders and Customs model provides fast results for officers to conduct on-site goods inspection. The Emergency Response and Hazmat model allows first responders to quickly check substances at the scene of emergencies. Other versions can also be customisable pending customer requirements.

CR1600 utilises Raman spectroscopy technology, which can directly identify suspicious substances in the form of solid, powder, paste and liquid through translucent packages and containers. No sampling is required, which minimizes the risk of user exposure to potentially hazardous materials.

Product Features

5-inch-high resolution touch screen, easy to operate

No sample preparation required, direct scanning through translucent containers and packaging  

AI algorithm HT-MARS on handheld device and on cloud

Wireless communication via WiFi, 4G

Cloud services with real time connection to HT-Vision® platform, providing access to expanded cloud database, advanced algorithm, real-time data transfer, data storage, and data analysis

Can be used with HT-FAITHSTM Enhanced Narcotics Testing kit for accurate detection of fentanyl and heroin (optional)

Specification Parameters





Laser Wavelength


Spectral Range

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Spectral Resolution

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Large and customisable depending on customer requirements

Battery Time

More than 8 hours

Wireless Communication

WiFi, 4G

Identification Algorithm

HT-MARS (trademark) artificial intelligent algorithm, built into handheld device and further access available through cloud computing, with mixture analysis capability

Cloud Service (Optional)

Customisable features



Operating Temperature

- 20℃ to +45℃


≤ 190mm x 100mm x 40mm

Application Cases

Information Download

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