Next Generation Trace Explosives Detector

Building upon the success of EF1000, EF2000 is the next generation of hand-held trace explosive detector.

Through changes in fluorescence signals in the presence of specific substances, the detector can determine whether there are explosives present .

EF2000 can classify the detected explosives into their key categories.

The detector does not contain any radioactive sources, thereby no radiation hazard is present.

The device's sensor unit is highly durable and highly sensitive.


EF2000 has fast detection speed, high detection sensitivity, low power consumption, easy maintenance, strong environmental adaptability, and accurate detection capability.

Product Features

Classification of the type of explosives detected into main categories

Sensor unit has high detection sensitivity and long durability

Short recovery time after alarm

Two sampling methods: swipe and vapor sampling

With wireless alarm function, the device can be connected to cloud systems in real time and enjoy data aggregation, cloud services, and etc.

More than 40 kinds of explosives can be detected

Specification Parameters



Detection Mode

Swipe mode and vapor sampling mode

Alarm Mode

Sound, image and light

Wireless Alarm

Bluetooth headset

Environmental Adaptability

Satisfies handheld device mil-standard for drop test, shock test, environment temperature and humidity durability test


Lithium ion battery; AC power adapter

Battery Life





Sensing component, sampling swipe

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +55℃


≤420mm x 100mm x 80mm



Application Cases

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