Hand-held Composite Gas Detector

GD606 hand-held composite gas detector is a high performance toxic and combustible gas alarm detector, which can continuously monitor various gases, including volatile organic compound "VOC", combustible gas and other toxic & harmful gases.

A variety of gas sensors can be used with GD606. The detection principles include photoionization (PID), electrochemistry, catalytic combustion, etc. The sensor adopts plug and play technology, which allows the device to be highly customizable for different application scenarios.

The device is mainly used to quickly and accurately detect the concentration of various customer selected gases on the site and give an alarm when levels exceed pre-set standards.

With intuitive data display and rapid response speed, it can effectively guarantee the personal safety of staff and provide continuous monitoring of the environment.

Product Features

Multiple gas sensors can be connected simultaneously, including: Volatile organic compounds (VOC), flammability gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, other toxic gases

Multiple unit choices Ppm, ppb, mg/m3,% Vol, % LEL, and more

Multiple alarm formats Audible and visual alarm, vibration alarm, multi-directional stereo alarm 

Zero-point automatic tracking Long-term use is not affected by zero drift 

Standard threshold recoverable Prevent mis operation and reduce additional calibration

Drop alarm Automatically send an alarm to notify the people around

Specification Parameters



Sensor Types


Sampling Method

Pump suction/diffusion type

Alarm Method

Audible, visual, vibration

Continuous Working Time

Pump suction: >10 hours、Diffusion: >15 hours

Protection Level

IP65 (non-operational state)

Operating Temperature

-20 ℃ to +50℃


≤ 235 mm × 100 mm × 55 mm


≤ 800 g

Application Cases

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