Biological Aerosol Sampler

BC-500 biological aerosol sampler is an efficient, portable, all-weather air sampler, which is used to collect and concentrate biological aerosol particles, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc. 

The device effectively takes a "snap-shot" of the environment at pre-determined time periods or when used in-conjunction with the alarm unit BM3001. After BM3001 triggers an alarm when bioaerosol concentration exceed pre-set thresholds, BC500 automatically samples the surrounding environment.

The samples taken by BC500 can analyzed via PCR and other methods to determine if bioparticles of interest are present and in what quantities.

The device can be combined with early warning, detection (BM3001) and sterilization products to form a complete biological solution.

Product Features

Complies with Chinese national bioaerosol collection standard

Combined usage with BM3001: It can be used in conjunction with the biological aerosol alarm device BM3001 to trigger automatic environment sampling

Convenient cleaning: the biological aerosol filter element can be disassembled and easily washed

Compact in size and can be easily transported

Specification Parameters



Air Sampling Flow Rate

≥ 200 L/min

Flow Control

Adjustable flow rate

Control Method

Available in both wired and wireless control modes


Serial communication

Continuous Operation Time

> 24 hours

Operating Temperature

-20 to +45°C


≤ 5.0 kg

Application Areas

Application Cases

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