Advanced Hazardous Substance Identification Device

CR2000 is an advanced rugged compact handheld toxic and harmful substances identification device which can rapidly identify chemical warfare agents, explosives, dangerous goods, drugs and other substances in complex and harsh environments.

CR2000 has industry leading spectral resolution, which nearly matches lab-based desktop equipment capabilities but in a handheld compact device.

The proprietary mixture analysis algorithm can effectively help to identify substances in complex mixtures.

This device meets IP67 protection grade.

Product Features

Handheld Raman with research grade performance delivering reliable results

High efficiency Raman with rapid detection result in 5 seconds

Rugged industrial design to withstand the harshest environment

Non-contact analysis

Light weight, hand sized and highly portable

Large spectral range covering most relevant molecular information

Editable library that can be customisable for different uses

Specification Parameters





Laser wavelength


Spectral range and resolution

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Customisable upon user request (can incl. explosives, narcotics, CWA, common hazardous chemicals)

Power supply

Lithium battery or can be connected to power source


<205 x 105 x 40mm

Operating temperature

-20℃ to +50℃

Protection grade


Application Cases

Information Download

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