Intelligent contact-free package scanning system

The intelligent contact-free package scanning system X02 adopts a highly integrated nuclear and biochemical detection equipment. It can be used for rapid detection and automatic warning of nuclear, biological, and chemical hazardous substances present in parcels, luggage, or food shopping baskets. It aims to achieve the quick initial screening of suspected nuclear or biochemical items. Simultaneously, it combines a low-temperature infrared imaging thermometry intelligent detection unit to determine the temperature and create images of luggage and parcels, thereby identifying potential cold sources in mailed items.

The system detects minute leaks of radioactive materials, biological hazards, chemical toxins, etc., from parcels and luggage during the transportation process. It assesses the presence of nuclear and biochemical threats, offering features such as fast detection, high efficiency, comprehensive nuclear and biochemical detection functions, high accuracy, and automatic screening. It can be applied not only to the inspection of express mail, parcels, and luggage but also to the food safety inspection of important units such as enterprises and businesses, enabling the timely identification of potential nuclear and biochemical threats.

Product Features

Nuclear and Biochemical Explosion Integrated Detection

Integrated low-temperature infrared imaging thermometry intelligent detection unit

Automated operation, intelligent detection

Secondary detection mechanism to prevent false alarms

Can be used independently or in conjunction with X-ray machines

Distributed hybrid system architecture, supporting standalone and remote operation

Specification Parameters




Nuclear radiation, biological harmful factors, chemical harmful factors, explosives, low-temperature infrared thermal imaging detection module

Detection Range

Nuclear radiation gamma rays; chemical agents, industrial toxic and harmful substances; bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other biological harmful factors and explosives

Software System

Data collection subsystem, data analysis and risk warning subsystem, remote command subsystem, remote viewing subsystem

Capture System

Can capture positive parcels in the measurement area

Remote Operation

Depending on the on-site situation, a remote control station can be configured through wired or wireless means to control the entire detection system

Mobile Operation

Equipped with dedicated mobile devices. The mobile device is installed with a mobile control system, enabling real-time notification of alarm information and ensuring the security of information data

Operating Voltage


Application Cases

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