FCBR-100 Pro

Multifunctional Continuous Hazardous  Threat Monitoring Device

FCBR-100 Pro is mainly used for the continuous safety monitoring of highly populated areas and events. This device employs advanced multiple sensor array technology to collect real-time data and samples in order to monitor the air for:

• Chemical warfare agents (CWA) 

• Toxic industrial chemicals (TIC)

• Biological harmful factors 

• Early fire smoke alarms

The system collects and integrates data from both its main hazardous factor detectors and supporting environmental factor sensors (wind, temperature and etc.) and processes them using machine learning algorithms (AI). The core of the AI program enables the dynamic and continuous mining and analysis of the data collected.

FCBR-100 Pro can form a comprehensive 24/7 surveillance unit to monitor important areas for any dangerous substances in the air.

Product Features

Integrated detector of CWAs, TICs, biological harmful substances and early fire smoke alarms

Continuous 24/7 operation

Dispersed sample collection that enables for large territory monitoring

Easy to maintain, no consumables

Easy to integrate with other systems

Supported by AI and machine learning

Specification Parameters



Detection Range

Very early smoke particles; industrial toxic and harmful gases: industrial toxic gases (TIC) and broad-spectrum volatile organic compounds (VOC); chemical warfare agents: nerve, blood, erosive and asphyxiating agents and compound precursors; biological aerosols; nuclear radiation: α, β, X and γ rays

Communication Module

RS485, WiFi, 4G mobile data communication (optional)

Software Functions


Dynamic Networking Capability


Sound and Light Alarm Equipment

Local indicator light alarm, remote client sound and light alarm

Operating Temperature

-10℃ to +50℃

Power Supply

220V 1A AC or 24V DC


≤440mm x 360mm x 155mm



Application Cases

Information Download

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Introduction to Different Types of Radiation 1.0 pdf 235kb 2024-06-07 13:44:39
Introduction to VOCs 1.0 pdf 248kb 2024-06-04 13:21:43

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