Handheld Pharmaceutical Detection Device

Raw material detection and process management are crucial steps in pharmaceutical and food production, serving as the primary gateway to ensuring product quality. The FAST-ID® handheld series is specifically designed for raw material identification and process management applications, employing Raman spectroscopy technology and chemometrics classification algorithms for accurate results. It facilitates easy implementation of raw material detection, method establishment, method validation, equipment verification, and calibration, enabling effortless 100% raw material identification.

The FAST-ID® series also integrates the concept of full-process management, streamlining the detection and recording processes required for raw material storage. The equipment covers the entire process from incoming material inspection, material reception, material identification, raw material identification and detection, report approval, to raw material release. It helps companies enhance management levels and production efficiency, effectively controlling risks from the beginning of raw materials. It is a powerful tool for achieving efficient modern management of food and drug raw material warehouses.

Product Features

Rapid Detection: On-site testing, providing quick results 

Testing does not require opening of internal packaging materials

Audit Traceability: Complies with the detailed requirements of the National Medical Products Administration's "Drug Record and Data Management Requirements" and complies with FDA requirements for data integrity, non-modifiability, and traceability

Standardized operation procedures, real-time data upload

Electronic approval and electronic signatures

User Assurance: Features verification and calibration functions Provides IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ services 

Specification Parameters



Detection Speed




Spectral Details

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Operating Time

8 h



IP Grade


Operating Temperature

-20 ℃ ~ +45 ℃

Application Cases

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