Integrated CBRNE Monitoring Platform

HT-Vision is an integrated cloud-based and AI enabled CBRNE monitoring system that focuses on the processing and analysis of real-time data, allowing for area security monitoring and the ability to generate reports/action suggestions to aid with decision making.

Product Features

Internet of Things enabled sensor/detector network, allowing for the collection of significant volumes of encrypted data

Centralised cloud and integrated command centre for authorities to visually monitor areas for threats and to co-ordinate necessary response actions (control panel)

In the event of an incident, able to forecast the expected impact geographical range and suggest suitable evacuation procedures through analysing local environment and geographical information

Simulate threat scenarios for training purposes

HT-Vision's cloud-based operating system/command centre allows for the clear visualisation of sensor data, threat indicators, real-time maps and geography information and much more

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IoT Suite

User Platform

Supports Windows, H5, Android and iOS

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