Talent Concept

Innovation driven, talent oriented, and looking forward to building the future together

Career Development

Talent concept

As a technology-based company, HT-Nova focuses on the career development of our employees and encourages them to develop personal career development plans under the guidance and assistance of the company;

We hope to offer continuous professional development channels for our employees, so that they may pursue the improvement of their professional skills with the goal of becoming experts in the field of expertise;

Every position in the team requires passionate and innovative talents. We hope to "collide" with other insightful individuals and to welcome more like-minded individuals to join our growing team.

Salary incentives

We provide our employees with a compensation system that is competitive in the market. 

In addition to monetary compensation, with regards to talent, HT-Nova adheres to the following principles:

We hope to offer opportunities for employee development, and in turn, we expect our employees to contribute to the growth of our company.

We respect talent and try to ensure that every exceptional employee receives the acknowledgment and motivation they deserve.

Employee Welfare

  • Guaranteed

    National social insurance

    Public holidays

    Health check-ups

  • Enjoy work

    Salary adjustment opportunities

    Paid annual leave

    Health facilities

    Company in-house meals

    Quarterly Birthday Party

  • Love

    Annual Tour

    Holiday benefits


    Birthday gifts

  • Grow

    Professional competence enhancement
    Career advancement opportunities

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