Biological Aerosol Detector

BM3001 is a compact biological aerosol alarm device used for the monitoring and alarming of bioaerosols (such as SARS-CoV-2) present in indoor and outdoor environments.

BM3001 can be used alone or in combination with biological aerosol sampler BC500 to achieve the integrated monitoring, alarm and sampling of bioaerosols.

BM3001 can continuously and in real-time monitor the concentration change of biological factors (bacteria, spores, viruses, toxins, etc.) in the air, and issues alarms when biological factors exceed threshold concentrations.

The alarm sensitivity of the equipment can reach less than 3 ACPLA.

Product Features

Fast response time

33h standby

4G wireless communication, which allows for a network of devices to enable large-scale protection

Bioaerosol monitoring and alarm

Can be connected to bio-aerosol sampler BC500 device externally and trigger sample collection automatically after alarm

Compact and durable

Specification Parameters



Alarm Sensitivity

≤ 3 ACPLA (number of biological warfare agent particles per liter of air) Substances detected: bacteria, spores, viruses and toxins

Particle Size Detection Range

0.5-10 μm

Air Pump Volume

>3 L/min

Alarm Time



≤310mm x 240mm x170mm





Operating Temperature

-40°C to +55°C

Operating humidity

≤95% RH

Application Cases

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