Formladehyde Module

HT-Nova's formaldehyde module is a high-precision, high-reliability module for detecting formaldehyde concentrations, based on independently developed multi-channel sensors. In addition to its high-precision detection capabilities, it also boasts strong anti-interference ability and good adaptability.

The formaldehyde module can be easily integrated into various air quality monitoring devices or platforms. To facilitate third-party product development, this module also comes with a User Reference Design Package (URDP).

Product Features

High-precision sensor, fast detection: Utilizing advanced multi-channel sensing technology, it can quickly and accurately detect formaldehyde concentrations in indoor air, allowing you to promptly understand the air quality in your home environment

High anti-interference: Able to operate in high humidity, smoke-prone, or kitchen fumes environments

Easy operation, one-key detection: Simple and convenient operation, just press a button to start detection, without complex operational steps, saving time and effort

Quick results: Results in less than 20 minutes, no need to close doors and windows in advance or wait for 24 hours as per other detection methods 

Versatile application, protecting family health: Suitable for various scenarios such as homes, offices, schools, and hospitals, providing you and your family with a healthy indoor environment

Specification Parameters




Less than 90 x 90 x 40mm


Less than 200g

Power Consumption

Less than 1W



Results Time

Less than 20 minutes

Application Cases

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