Raman Module

The CRM100 Raman Spectrometer Module integrates a 785-nanometer narrow linewidth laser spectrometer and Raman probe, making it an ideal module and development kit for manufacturers of portable/handheld Raman spectrometers. With a laser power of up to 500 milliwatts, it maintains stability during time and temperature variations. The spectral performance of the CRM100 is well-suited for detecting various substances. It employs filter elements coated with high-performance filtering technology to maximize the transmission and filtering of Raman spectral signals while suppressing Rayleigh scattering. The spatially coupled design of the spectrometer and Raman probe eliminates signal loss in optical fibers, enhancing the efficiency of Raman spectral acquisition. The CRM100 Raman Spectrometer Module features an integrated design, with a compact size ideal for the design and development of portable/handheld Raman spectrometers.

Product Features

Compact size-ideal for the development of portable Raman spectrometers

Excellent optical performance

Reliable high-performance spectral resolution interface

Simple and reliable serial interface

Ease of secondary development: robust communication protocol and supported development toolkit

Tailored design: well-suited for localization purposes

Specification Parameters



Spectral Resolution


Spectral Range



Frequency output stability, center wavelength 785±0.5 nanometers, adjustable up to 500 milliwatts

Raman Shift Accuracy


Raman Shift Repeatability


Application Cases

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