Application Cases

Application Cases

Rapid On-Site Testing of Unknown Substances

Case Study: Rapid On-Site Detection of Unknown Items

At the scene of an important event, security personnel use handheld detectors for rapid on-site detection. This event could involve a suspected parcel containing explosives or a report of a suspected hazardous chemical leak. Security personnel immediately use handheld detectors to scan the item or the area of the leak.


Rapid Response: Handheld detectors can quickly detect unknown items, helping security personnel understand the situation on-site promptly and take appropriate measures.

Real-time Alerts: Once a suspicious item or hazardous chemical is detected, handheld detectors immediately emit an alarm, alerting security personnel to take necessary precautions to protect the safety of on-site personnel and the surrounding environment.

Portability: The portability of handheld detectors allows them to be used for on-site detection anytime, anywhere, without being limited by fixed laboratory equipment, greatly enhancing flexibility and efficiency in responding to emergencies.

Versatility: Handheld detectors are typically able to detect multiple types of hazardous substances such as explosives, drugs, and chemicals, making them invaluable in handling different types of security incidents.

Preventing Panic: By quickly and accurately detecting unknown items, handheld detectors help reduce false alarms and panic, thereby improving the ability to respond to emergencies and protecting the public's sense of safety and trust.

Therefore, handheld detectors play a crucial role in the rapid on-site detection of unknown items, which is essential for responding to emergencies and ensuring public safety.

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